Bitsgap Review 2023 – FAQs, Pricing, Discount & Conclusion

bitsgap trading bot
Bitsgap Trading Bot

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For the time being, there is a pretty large number of paid and free trading platforms that create automated software to optimize cryptocurrency trading.

We bring to your attention a Bitsgap trading bot review, in order to find out its pros and cons, comparison with competitors and appropriateness of use for both experienced traders and beginners. Let’s start in order.

What is Bitsgap?

To answer the question “What is Bitsgap?” you just need to know “what is a universal platform that helps you create automatic bots for trading cryptocurrencies on various exchanges.”

Bitsgap’s Reputation

Bitsgap takes its reputation very seriously. The development of the company took place evenly and during this time, it has acquired a reliable and trustworthy status among users. This is evidenced by both customer reviews and stable financial performance of the company itself. Customers know that security, Bitsgap’s top-notch software, and excellent support service are an integral part of its image.

How long has Bitsgap been in business?

Bitsgap’s development history can be represented as a time sequence.

  • 2016 – The project has been started;
  • 2017 – The project switched to cloud hosting. The possibility of supporting six cryptocurrency exchanges has been opened;
  • 2018 – The first trading bot was developed and implemented;
  • 2019 – Release of the trading Grid bot. Monetization of the project and a complete update of the platform. Emergence of new types of trading strategies. Support for 20 types of crypto exchanges;
  • 2020 – A global architecture update. Adding risk management tools. Opening an affiliate program;
  • 2021 – Release of new trading strategies (TWAP, OCO, etc.) Emergence of new bots (Scalper, Combo). Launch of trading tournaments;
  • 2022 – Emergence of the DCA trading bot. Launch of multilingual Bitsgap customer support. A website update and more.

Where is Bitsgap based?

Bitsgap is a multinational team of high-class crypto traders, programmers and other professionals who are in love with their job. The company’s office is located in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Who is the CEO of Bitsgap?

The General Manager of Bitsgap, as well as its creator and ideological inspirer is a young and ambitious specialist in the field of crypto trading Max Kalmykov.

Max Kalmykov
Max Kalmykov

He is also known as the author of the popular crypto ad network Cointraffic. 

Pros and Cons of Bitsgap

Like any other products, Bitsgap has its advantages and drawbacks compared to competitors and just from a consumer point of view. Let’s compare them in the table below:

Bitsgap: Pros ✔

  1. High security level of customers’ data and funds;
  2. High security level of customers’ data and funds;
  3. Ability to trade on futures and spot markets;
  4. Risk management tools;
  5. Possibility of arbitrage trades;
  6. Availability of pre-configured strategies;
  7. Presence of demo trading mode;
  8. Beginners-friendly design;
  9. Multilingual customer support;
  10. 7 days free trial mode.

Bitsgap: Cons ❌

  1. No mobile app available;
  2. Lack of advanced features for bots.

How safe and secure Bitsgap is?

The company pays great attention to the security of its customers’ data. Any information received by the company’s servers is encoded using 2048-bit encryption, which is many times better than the encryption system in banks. Moreover, the company uses Hardware Security keys FIDO2 as a two-factor authentication method. 

Bitsgap 2

Thus, customers can be absolutely calm about the safety of their personal data and funds. In addition, the answer to the question «Is Bitsgap legit?» is also affirmative.

Bitsgap Pricing and Plans

The Bitsgap pricing policy consists of three tariff plans. Presently, you can buy all three of these plans from Bitsgap at a discount.

Bitsgap Pricing and Plans
Bitsgap Pricing


  • 2 active Grid & 10 DCA bots;
  • Unltd smart orders;
  • Cost: USD 25/month.


  • 5 active Grid & 10 DCA bots;
  • Unltd smart orders;
  • Futures bots;
  • Trailing Up tool.


  • 20 active Grid & 10 DCA bots;
  • Unltd smart orders;
  • Futures bots;
  • Trailing Up tool;
  • Take profit tool.

How to start using Bitsgap

It is easy to begin your trading experience with the Bitsgap platform.

  • First, you need to choose a tariff plan;
  • Second, you have to register and create your account on the Bitsgap platform;
  • Then, select one of the supported exchanges and link your account to it using API keys;
  • After that, launch your bot by choosing one of the proposed strategies. 

What exchanges does Bitsgap support? 

The list of Bitsgap supported exchanges exceeds 25. Among them are CoinBase Pro, Huobi, OKX, KuCoin, Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, FTX, Kraken and many others. 

What can you do with Bitsgap?

Below is a far from complete list of the functions of the Bitsgap platform that is available to the subscriber: 

functions of the Bitsgap
Functions of the Bitsgap platform
  1. Trading. The Bitsgap platform provides you a set of excellent tools for trading in the spot and futures markets.
  2. Cryptocurrency Trading Bots. You can set up futures trading bots or use ready-made and optimized automatic Bitsgap software.
  3. Signals. To make the right decision on a trading strategy, you should carefully study the analytical forecasts sent by experienced traders. Bitsgap signals tracking bots are ready to go.
  4. Crypto Arbitrage. Bitsgap bots perform arbitrage trades by reviewing and tracking cryptocurrency prices across multiple exchanges in real time.

Bitsgap Demo Account

Bitsgap offers its clients the opportunity to practice using a particular trading strategy before entering the real market. To do this, you need to create a demo account and test the effectiveness of your theory on an offline simulator.

Bitsgap Alternatives

At the moment, there are more than 20 platforms on the market that provide bots for trading cryptocurrencies. Let’s look at three of Bitsgap competitors in more detail.


TradeSanta trading bot
TradeSanta Trading Bot

A fairly popular paid trading platform with over 200,000 subscribers. The list of main features and benefits is as follows:

  • Supports 8 crypto exchanges;
  • Offers clients Grid and DCA bots;
  • Bots can trade in both spot and futures markets;
  • Has risk management tools in its arsenal, such as StopLoss, TrailingTakeProfit and others; 
  • Suitable for beginners, as it has a fairly convenient and uncomplicated interface and round-the-clock customer support service.

Three tariff plans are available:

  • Basic – USD 15/month,
  • Advanced – USD 27/month,
  • Max – USD 35/month,
  • Each plan has a Free Trial Period.


CryptoHopper trading bot
CryptoHopper Trading Bot

An all-in-one AI-based crypto trading platform founded in 2017 in the Netherlands. The main features are as follows:

  • Supports 13 exchanges;
  • Offers automated and semi-automated bots. The MarketMakerBot is available;
  • Has an arbitrage trading opportunity;
  • There is a CopyTrading function;
  • Has risk management tools, such as StopLoss, TrailingStopLoss and others; 
  • Suitable for beginners (has an uncomplicated set of tools, intuitive design, availability of demo trading mode, support service and training material);
  • There is a mobile app.

There are three plans:

  • Explorer – USD 19/month,
  • Adventurer – USD 49/month,
  • Hero – USD 99/month,
  • Free Trial Period for 7 days is also available.


Quadency trading bot
Quadency Trading Bot

A paid trading platform with over 100,000 subscribers. It was founded in 2018. The list of main features and benefits is as follows:

  • Supports 13 crypto exchanges;
  • Offers clients 11 various bots + the ability to program your own bot;
  • A large database of trading strategies;
  • Suitable for beginners – a convenient design, multilingual customer support, a rich library of training material;
  • Temporarily free of charge.

Review Conclusion

Based on customer reviews and competent Internet resources, we can conclude that Bitsgap is a reliable cryptocurrency trading platform for both novice traders and experienced businesspeople.

The presence of a large number of trading strategies in the platform database will allow to make the right choice and bring profit to all participants.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of users and organization types does Bitsgap work with?


The spectrum of Bitsgap interactions is quite wide. The company cooperates with SMEs, enterprises, State companies, Nonprofit organizations and ordinary freelancers.

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What other applications or services does Bitsgap integrate with?


Bitsgap perfectly integrates with various cryptocurrency trading exchanges, trading platforms, crypto bots, security systems and other software related to the crypto world. We are talking about applications like, Binance, TradingView, Gemeni, Kraken, KuCoin, ByBit,, HitBTC, Bittrex, Liquid, EXMO, TheRockTrading, BithHumb, Poloniex and others.

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Does Bitsgap offer a Free Trial?


Yes, sure. The developers of the platform offer a 14-day trial version of all three tariff plans completely free of charge.

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Does Bitsgap have access to my exchange wallet?


According to the official information on the company’s website, Bitsgap does not have access to your funds and does not intend to do so, since it values ​​its reputation very much.

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Does Bitsgap have a mobile app?


Unfortunately, at the moment, the Bitsgap platform does not have its own mobile application for either Android or iOS. However, users can access all platform features using any mobile device through a browser. There is a good chance that the Bitsgap app will be available soon.

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Does Bitsgap have API?


Yes, it does. Bitsgap connects to the exchange servers, where your funds are located, using API access keys. The Bitsgap platform cares about the security of your data.